Yurt Holidays in Scotland: Is This Type of Vacation for You?

If you want to enjoy your love for outdoors and luxury, consider booking for yurt holidays in Scotland.

What Are Yurts?

Yurts are a notch above the most high-end tent. Originally used by Mongolians and Turkish communities, yurts typically come with wooden frames, felt-covered exteriors and thicker walls. Like tents, they can be easily assembled and dismantled, although there are modern variations in which yurts are no longer portable but still designed for camping.

Yurts are available in a variety of designs, but those designed for holiday use or guests are likely to come with basic to moderately luxurious camping amenities like beds or cots, camping cooking and dining ware, and lighting and heating. Access to electricity and water is also often offered.

Secluded Yurt Holidays

Yurt holidays are perfect if you wish to enjoy the kind of peace that only a secluded and scenic location can bring. One example of this is inverockleyurts.co.uk, a family-owned single-yurt establishment. It is a short distance away from a rocky and wildly beautiful beach, and offers exceptional views of the coast.

Family-Friendly Yurt Holidays

For the best yurt holidays in Scotland, consider checking out yurt accommodations offered by greentraveller.co.uk. More particularly, they have yurts located in an organic farm in Stirling and which can accommodate a maximum of four persons. Rate is around £150 to £160 for two nights, and although meals are self-catered, you can pre-order a welcome hamper. An organic vegetable garden is also available for holidaymakers, and the nearest pub is just a mile away.

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