You’ve will have heard of Scotland’s Iona Isle but how about Inchcolm Island?

Perhaps the idea of visiting a far flung Scottish island in the chilly winter months might not appeal, but come summer, it makes a great break for nature lovers and those in search of a little peace and quiet. ‘Great Britain has over 6,000 islands from rocky outcrops to lush lands’ reports BBC Travel, of which hundreds are large enough to make it onto maps, so there’s no need to venture far afield for an island fix.

One of the most unspoilt Scottish islands which is nonetheless accessible, while being less crowded than the better known Iona Isle, is the island of Inchcolm in the Firth of Forth. Famous for its seals and puffins, wildlife, sandy beaches and Augustinian Abbey, Scotland’s best-preserved group of monastic buildings, its location is quite spectacular.

Take a ferry cruise to the island and enjoy magnificent views of the world famous Forth Bridges. You can either view from the boat or go ashore where you’re given 90 minutes to explore, head for the Abbey and call in at the Visitor’s Centre.

Visit www.maidoftheforth.co.uk for further details of the boat tour from South Queen’s Ferry and for booking.

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