You've bought the t-shirt, now try the Che Guevara tour!

Students, bohemian revolutionaries and free-thinkers across the world will soon be able to follow in the footsteps (literally!) of one of the most marketable legends of all time: the Cubist revolutionary Che Guevara.

Tracing the Argentinian activist's path through the various Latin American countries he visited during his life-time, which were immortalised in the hit indie flick 'The Motorcycle Diaries', the 'Caminos de Che' tour will take followers along international routes, stretching beyond the plantation of the leader's wealthy family already visited by millions.

Rejecting his training to become a doctor, the young Chejoined Fidel Castro and his brother to start a communist regime in Argentina in 1959, spurred on by the endemic poverty in his home country. As such, many Che enthusiasts are aware of his relationship with Argentina and Cuba but less so with his involvement with Bolivia, where he met his end at the hands of the Bolivian guerilla forces.

The brains behind the scheme are keen to tell the whole story, telling the Daily Mail that 'each month there's more interest [in Che Guevara]' and that by adding lesser-known Bolivian locations to the trail, they think 'there will be even more.'

Che's image remains one of those most widely publicised and most easily recognisable faces amongst historical figures, being printed on flags, t-shirts and mugs and kept by those aspiring to his ideals of non-conformity and freedom for all.

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