You’re very own Eden down in Cornwall

That void that you’ve been noticing of late in your life can now be filled by the one and only Shaun the Sheep down in Cornwall. Forget the Bahamas, French Riviera or the white-sand beaches of Thailand. Stay at home this year and go green.

As humanity slips further off its pedestal and everyone is heading for a purgatorial 2010 after the hedonistic naughties, it might just be the time to get back to nature at the garden of Eden. The Eden Project is teaming up with Aardman, producer of the animated children's BBC series ‘Shaun the Sheep’. And for a fiver a pop, you can bring the kids to somewhere they’re not likely to be bored – and if they are, well you’ve saved a bloody fortune, or perhaps lost them in the Eden Project’s domed rainforest.

Highlights include model-making sessions, where children can make a character from the series. Kids can also help create a new abode for Shaun and the flock.

Tickets £16 adults, £5 children, under-fives free. EdenProject, ice-skating £5 for 40mins.

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