Your Spain Car Rental

Arranging your Spain car rental is easier than ever and you can get to your favourite UNESCO World Heritage Sites on your own schedule. If your travel plans take you to Barcelona, take a day trip and head south on the A7 to Sitges, Girona or Tarragona. Sitges, with its delightful beachfront, is great for a lazy cafe day. The old city quarters of Tarragonaand Gironaare spectacular and beautiful to wander through by day or by night. You also can head north from Barcelona to Figueres to the Salvador Dali Museum for an unforgettable museum experience. If you are planning to spend time in Valencia, your Spain car rental will come in handy in town and for day trips. Valencia is a very car-friendly city. If you want to drive down the coast towards Benidorm or Almeria, be sure and take a side trip to Alicante and see the turronfactories. If you are lucky, they will be in seasonal production and you will see hundreds of kilos of delicious turron being produced before your eyes. Even if they are not in production, most of the factories are happy to give you a tour of their plants, with English guides and informational videos, and don't forget their on-site shops where you can load up on samples of your favorite turron.

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