Your Bali Holiday: a Feast for the Senses

The Indonesian island of Bali is legendary among tourists for its beaches, wildlife, and temples. Its rice paddies, volcanoes, and jungles also contribute to a memorable Bali holiday.

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Dive into the depths of Amed, Menjangan Island, or Tulamben. These dive sites are home to whale sharks, manta rays, razor fish, angelfish, and barracudas. Or laze on the white-sand shores and view the sunset at Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Legian.

Immerse in the local culture at the Neka Art Museum, with its collection of Balinese paintings done in “Ubud” (similar to Expressionist), “Butuan” (filling the whole canvas with different scenes), and “Young Artist” (using bright, un-natural colours) styles. The Rudana Museum and the Blanco Art Foundation also display illustrations of Balinese life.

Music and dance are also integral to life in Bali. Catch a performance of Janger, where girls with woven crowns and batik wraps move only with their hands, shoulders, and eyes. Don’t miss Sang Hyang Dedari, or the “Trance Dance,” and Barong, depicting a mythical battle between good and evil. Another show to watch is Wayang Kulit, where the silhouettes of flat puppets projected against a white screen tell epic tales of deities and heroes.

The aroma of local cuisine fills your senses on your Bali holiday. Semur Lidah is a sweet dish of ox tongue with nutmeg and soy sauce. Be Siap Base Kalas is spicy chicken in coconut milk and Udang Pantung Kuning is lobster with coconut, shrimp paste, and spices. Combine them with fragrant Nasi Kuning, yellow rice with pandan and salam leaves. For dessert, bite into Dadar, a coconut-filled pancake.

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