Your Australian adventure is just a flight away!

If I’m being specific, I’d suggest Sydney. Yes, it’s a bustling city filled with 4.3 million people, but it's also a great destination for fun.

Your flight to Australia might be a flight from dreariness, to a leisurely stroll through the Queen Victoria building. A flight to shopping and browsing through over 100 designer and specialty stores. Head to Sydney Harbour for a picturesque dining experience. Try the Aria Restaurant if you’re looking for a romantic dinner. It’s got terrific views of the Opera House and the harbour.

Travelling to Sydney any time from May to the beginning of December, gives you the real opportunity for an adventure. From Sydney Harbour, catch a whale watching tour from a company like Whale Watching Sydney. They offer a variety of vessels, from small, sleek and fast, to a more yacht-like ship, offering a large viewing deck. They advertise that they have a 98% success rate at sighting whales, so chances are excellent that you’ll get to see a humpback whale on its migratory path.

Your flight to Australia is a flight to great shopping, fine dining, adventure and much, much more!

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