You'll never walk alone.

You’ll never walk alone…if you don’t want to! Walking holidays have taken on a new face over the years and although we can still head out for a walk alone when we need to think things through, nowadays walking has also become a way of meeting like-minded people. Whether you’re a hard core hiker or a summer stroller, there’s a group out there for you. Here are some of the best.

The largest UK walking festival is held on the Isle of Wight and their next walk is the Autumn Walk, which takes place from the 21st-24th of October. It’s an award winning organisation so visit www.isleofwightwalkingfestival.co.uk and download their programme.

And if it’s a little romance you’re looking for, go to www.isleofwightwalkingfestival.co.uk/speed-dating-walks.aspx. Their next Speed Dating walk will take place on Sunday 23rd October 2011 and registration forms are now available. The fee is £12.00 which includes lunch at the romantic setting of the Fisherman's Cottage on the beach Shanklin Esplanade at the end of the walk. Previous walks have resulted in three weddings and one engagement but you don't have to be looking for romance: it’s also a chance to make new friends.

Another website to check out is www.walkingfestival.co.uk where you can book for their June Shropshire festival for 2012. Eight walks a day are on offer during the festival, designed to cover all abilities from a three mile stroll to a sixteen mile hike. The number of walkers per group is between 15 and 20, allowing you to get to know your fellow walkers. The festival is entirely run by well organized volunteers who transmit their enthusiasm to participants.

So if you like walking and feel that you need to make new friends, book a walking festival now and trust in fate!

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