You no longer have to be on the Forbes rich list to laze, shop and explore in Dubai.

Even those of us fortunate enough not to be seriously affected by the recession are keenly looking for value-for-money these days, less willing to throw around our hard earned cash. But if you think that Dubai is the world’s most luxurious destination, beyond your financial reach, think again.

Since the multi-starred, headline-hitting hotel Burj Al Arab first opened in 1999, dubbed the world’s most opulent, times have undoubtedly changed and Dubai is now offering a wider range of accommodation, reports BBC Travel. There are still high-end, luxury mega-haunts around for the glitz seekers, but the recent launch of a number of hotels with budget prices makes a trip full of eastern promise possible for the likes of you and me.

Try the City Max Hotel in the Al Barsha district, located just across the road from the massive Mall of the Emirates. The rooms are not huge, but the space is optimized and the hotel is clean, safe and prices per night start at 250 AED (about £43). Alternatively, opt for a little culture and stay at the XVA Art gallery in the Bastakiya area of the old city, hidden amongst traditional family homes. More of a guest house than a hotel, there are a few small, cool rooms with relaxing Arabic style décor above the downstairs gallery, where you can view the work of artists from the Arab world. There are also films and talks in the cool covered courtyard.

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