You don’t have to stay home alone. Going ‘solo’ can be fun.

Whether out of choice or because of a relationship break up, there’s an increasing number of single people around looking to enjoy a break but discouraged by the punitive supplements they have to pay and the types of holiday available. A number of holiday companies have now started specialising in holidays for single people and mainstream firms are adapting some of their breaks to solo travellers of all ages, reports the Daily Mail.

Visit www.solosholidays.co.uk or call 0844 815 0005 for information on beach breaks for singles. Sardinia and the Greek resorts of Parga and Evia are amongst its many destinations. Trips include a tour leader who organizes dinner get-togethers in the evening. The company also offers a programme of golf holidays for singles, with options for players of all abilities, even for beginners. Take a break plus a course in the UK, southern Spain, the Algarve or Turkey.

If you’re over fifty, Saga Holidays (www.sagaholidays.co.uk 0800 096 0079) cater for single travellers. About a quarter of the cabins on its two cruise ships are for single occupancy, but book well in advance as they are extremely popular. Dance hosts help things swing in the evening. Saga offers many breaks on terra firma too.

Travel One (www.travelone.co.uk, 020 7392 8988) also specialises in affordable holidays for singles, with Turkey and Cuba amongst its top destinations. Many of its customers are aged between 40 and 60, so whatever your age, there are plenty of deals available to encourage you to get up and go, albeit alone.

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