You don’t have to hang around at the airport: make use of your time!

London’s Heathrow airport has more connecting flights than most, and often to remote destinations. If this means you’re an inter-continental traveller with several hours between flights, don’t hang around getting bored. Follow the example of the well to-do travel savvy, and take a stopover tour, recommends ehow.

Never considered the possibility? It’s a question of organization, and checking out what’s on offer. With security checks taking a while, your stopover should be longer than five hours for a tour to be worthwhile and feasible. If this is the case, because Heathrow Airport is situated to the south-west of England’s sprawling capital, not only is it possible to visit London itself, but also to choose from such iconic sites as Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. The former is an hour's drive away, the latter lies just 10 miles from Heathrow.

For tours of London, contact London Magical Tours (www.londonmagicaltours.com) who provide private guided tours in limousines or minibuses, depending on the size of your group. Passengers are met by the driver and the tour can be tailored to the time between flights.

Alternatively, The London Toolkit (www.londontoolkit.com) offers stopover tours in limousines or minibuses to London, Windsor Castle, the stone-age monument of Stonehenge and the city of Bath. Tours take between three to seven hours.

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