Yoga Holidays in Scotland

People who want to go on yoga holidays in Scotland should seriously consider signing up for a yoga retreat program. This type of program works by isolating holidaymakers in a countryside environment and providing them with an intensive yoga schedule for a few days to a week. Most of these retreats only serve vegetarian food and make time for daily meditation. As some retreats require participants to hand over their mobile phones and laptops this is an excellent way to get away from the outside world and relax.

One popular company that offers yoga holidays in Scotland is Dhanakosa. Dhanakosa has beginner and intermediate retreats available. Those who want to try something other than yoga can do so here as they also offer meditation, hillwalking, Buddhism, communication and photography retreats. Interested travelers will need to contact the company in order to get a quote as they do not list their prices on their website. However Dhanakosa.com should be checked out prior to contacting the company as travelers should ensure that they are comfortable with the style of workshops this company sells.

Those who want a cheaper more flexible alternative can opt to go to yoga classes while they are in Scotland. Anamcara.org has regular yoga classes in Scotland for £7 per lesson. This retreat is worth checking out as they also have sweat lodge workshops which are generally very popular with people who are interested in yoga. These workshops cost about £200 for a weekend workshop. Yoga is scientifically proven to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, so give it a try today!

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