Looking for yoga holidays in the sun

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Feel the need to get away from it all?  Want a relaxed environment with which to clear ones head? Maybe a yoga holiday in the sun is the thing for you.  Yoga is an, increasingly popular, Holistic approach to well being, improving the flexibility of your whole body, mind and soul.  So what better way to practice it than in a sunny and warm climate? Here is some information on yoga holidays in the sun.

One such website that offers just this is www.sardiniayoga.com, as the name suggests the website offers yoga holidays in the historic, Italian island of Sardinia.  Guests while be residing in the 4 star Grand hotel in Porto Cervo.  Two types of stay are on offer, week-long and short breaks. The former of which can be priced as little as £690 per person, with two guests to a room for a stay of 7 days (Saturday to Saturday).  The short term breaks which last from Saturday to Tuesday, or 3 nights, can cost as little as £330 per person with two guests to a room.  There are also more expensive options for single room occupancy.  This price includes the yoga itself, staying at the hotel and daily breakfast / brunch.Also if you are a yoga enthusiast, but your travelling companion not so much, fear not. There are many other activities available, this includes but not limited to scuba courses, golf or massage therapies.  And seeing as the yoga mostly takes place in the morning, you too will be able to avail of these activities.  And if you do find yourself in such a situation they  offer discounts for a shared room and just one yoga place.

However, maybe Sardinia is just not for you. And if this is the case try visiting www.yogaholidays.net, the site is a hub of yoga options.  Offering retreats from as close to home as Suffolk to as far away as Sri Lanka and Thailand.  This website really holds information for any type of yoga holiday in the sun.

Yoga will help to cleanse your body of the effects of a unhealthy lifestyle, instilling you with good habits which will help you to do twice as much every day, without putting strain upon your body.  So what better way to spend your holidays than by practicing yoga in the sun?

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