Xmas breaks in Scotland - the lowdown

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Thinking about taking a holiday this winter? Read on for some advice on Xmas breaks in Scotland.

Xmas in Scotland

Xmas in Scotland is a time of high spirits and celebration. The world famous Hogmanayparty takes place on New Year’s Eve and is not to be missed. The largest cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Stirling hold all night celebrations and have impressive firework displays. Temperatures during the winter are often well below freezing and there is usually snow throughout the country and in the highlands in particular. Scotland also has 5 high quality ski centres and resorts.


Due to the high volume of people that take Christmas breaks in Scotland accommodation can be more expensive than other times of the year. However if you book in advance there is a chance that you might get a good deal. Many hotels offer festive and Christmas packages that range from around £219 per person for 2 nights to £299 per person for 3 nights.

Getting there

All the major cities in Scotland are easily accessible from the UK. Because Christmas is a busy time of year it is advisable again to book your transport in advance. There are extra flights and train and bus services at this time of year but they can sometimes sell out. Easyjet have regular flights from all London airports and most other major airports across the UK to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. The major Scottish cities are also well served by trains and buses from other parts of England and the UK.

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