Worst tourism slogans you have come across

Promoting a country intensely is normal for tourism plays a significant role in generating revenues. However, describing a country using slogan campaigns to entice visitors can be a daunting task. Let us take a look at a few of worst tourism slogans you have come across while watching TV, reading magazines or while visiting countries during holidays.

What’s in a slogan?

Slogans are great ways to identify with a country you are visiting. Some expressions are so vivid you remember them the next time they are shown on TV or flashed on billboards. But what makes a slogan annoying or inappropriate? Is it because it's vague or comes across as being too pushy?

Take a look at the worst tourism slogans and see if you agree with us:

  • Weird

* Panama – It Will Never Leave You

* Colombia – The Only Risk Is Wanting to Stay

* Albania – A New Mediterranean To Love

  • Baffling, obscure or excited

* Guatemala – Soul of the Earth

* South Africa – It’s Possible

* Greece – You in Greece

* Israel - Size Doesn’t Matter

* Edinburgh – Incredinburgh

* Australia – Where the Bloody Hell Are You? And There’s Nothing Like Australia

* New Zealand – Don’t Leave Town Until You’ve Seen the Country

* Andalucia – There’s Only One

* New Zealand – 100 Percent Pure New Zealand

* Bangladesh – Come to Bangladesh Before the Tourists Come

* Slovenia – I feel Slovenia

  • Inviting

However, when you hear things like:

* Belize – Mother Nature’s Best-Kept Secret

* Costa Rica – No Artificial Ingredients

These make you want to explore the country that is being promoted.

  • Simple and effective

There are also slogans which are simple and powerful such as:

* Germany – The Travel Destination¨

* The Kingdom of Swaziland – A Royal Experience

* Egypt - Where It All Begins

  • New

* Mexico – What Happens in Mexico Is Your Head Stays in Mexico

* Jamaica - Get All Right

Slogans to promote tourism

Tourism slogans should not drive visitors away but entice them to explore a country. The truth is although the intentions are good, the worst tourism slogans give a negative connotation to the image of the country. Having a slogan which appears arrogant (British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth) or comes out as thoughtless and a no brainer (Wales. The Big Country) is not likely to help in tourism campaigns.

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