World's weirdest eateries

Most hungry travellers when faced with the decision between another night of stomach-rumbling in a crowded hostel and sampling some bizarre local cuisine might choose the latter option. And we wouldn't blame them. But what if the restaurant was based in a dog-pound or made to look like the inside of an abattoir? We look at the top three eateries designed to make you think twice about that first fork of food.

I'd kill for another mouthful

With a reputation for being devoted to their food, many Italians would kill rather than let someone get their hands on their mama's or grandmama's recipes. At this restaurant at Fortezza Medicea, however, the people serving the pasta are already doing time. Located within a maximum-security prison, this particular eaterie is run by mafia and inmates alike and despite any fears of getting an 'Oz' type shanking over the lamb shank, the atmosphere is calm, inviting and the food tasty. Just don't ask the guards lining the walls for a food-taster. volterratur.it.

Toilet humour at the table?

Taking you back to your potty-training memories is the latest craze in - yep, you've guessed it - Taiwan. With twelve locations throughout Asia, including Hong Kong, this chain invites a more open-minded clientele. Squatting on replica toilets, diners are served noodles and meat dishes in miniature sinks, baths and crappers. Our advice: don't be afraid to use your sense of smell rather than sight, particularly when the famous 'house pudding' arrives: chocolate ice-cream served in a toilet bowl. Yum. moderntoilet.com.tw.

Is there a Doctor in the house?

In Singapore's Clarke Quay district lies this 'The Clinic' and no, it's not the latest rehab haven for troubled starlets. Here, food is served to the hungry in stainless steel, kidney-shaped dishes, by waiters dressed as hospital staff, handing over IV bags full of wine or cocktails to mixed reactions. If you aren't hestitating over ordering something blood-red to drink, there's trendy pill-shaped bars and pop-art by Damien Hirst to take a look at. Just try not to choke on your starter as it's unlikely anyone will be medically trained to help you. theclinic.sg.

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