World's most expensive pancake created in Manchester

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A unusual way to celebrate Pancake Day today – and definitely not the cheapest! A hotel in Manchester has created a sea-food inspired pancake, containing champagne, caviar and lobster that costs – ehm - £800 per serving.

The world's most luxurious pancake was invented by Matthew Downes, head chef at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel’s five-star Opus restaurant

His posh creation, which takes only 20 minutes to prepare, is made with exclusive ingredients such as Hulle Verge truffles, Scottish native Paradise lobster, Russian Beluga caviar, Scottish mussels and langoustines, and comes served up with a dollop of Dom Pérignon Rosé hollandaise sauce.

Another original feature of the world's most pricey pancake is the fact that is served layered in a thick triangular wedge, covered with a bright pink topping. Yummy! It does sound tasty, and proud Mr Downes says: ‘We used only the finest ingredients to give it that extra-wow factor. I’m really proud of what we’ve created, the taste certainly lives up to the price tag.'

‘All we wanted to do was make the finest pancake you could ever taste and it’s turned into the world’s most expensive.

'As you know none of these ingredients are cheap and it makes you a very proud chef to be able to work them.'

Well, but how does it feel to be flipping these treasures around in a pancake pan? Mr Downes admittes that 'it can be a little nerve wracking in the kitchen as you certainly don’t want to get an order like this wrong.’

Just in case you were thinking of popping over the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel this Shrove Tuesday, be aware that the posh delight is not on their regular menu, but ask for it and the chef will be very happy to make you one of the few privileged to savour his most expensive creation so far.

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