World's most expensive hotel

While some people are happy enough with a hotel that has comfortable beds, a clean room and a decent continental breakfast, those that tend to enjoy living in luxury are constantly looking for a different experience. Here is a look at the world's most expensive hotel, which happens to be where Bill Clinton and Bill Gates like to stay when they are out of town, and it offers just about everything you can imagine.

Hitting the top of the list across the board as being home to the world's most expensive hotel suite is Hotel President Wilson. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, guests can stay in this suite for the small (to some) price of £40,000 per night and enjoy a spacious suite that covers and expansive 19,376 square feet. With 12 bedrooms, each with its own private marble bathroom, there is no need to worry about the suite being too constricting.

For musicians who cannot be away from the piano for too long, have no fear, the suite includes a beautiful black Steinway Grand Piano just waiting for guests to tinkle its' ivory. There is also a carefully hand-picked art collection that can be found throughout the space. After a long day, guests are encouraged to relax and stroll around the wrap around terrace which overlooks the breathtaking Lake Geneva among Swiss Alps.

In addition to all these luxuries, guests also can choose to have their own private team of staff consisting of a butler, chef and personal assistant who will attend to all your needs. High profile guests can also feel secure knowing that the windows in all suites are bulletproof and there is a private security team in place for added protection.

For those that may not be able to afford the Penthouse Suite but are still very interested in staying in the hotel, there are 180 rooms and 48 suites to choose from. The Superior Rooms located on the 1st and 2nd floor are each 323 square feet and costs around £250 per night. Business Corner Suites from the 2nd to 7th floor overlook the city and are 484 square feet. These rooms will cost around £490 per night.

The hotel also has a pool open all year round and have a bar nearby as well for thirsty guests to mingle. The fitness centre is open 24 hours a day and has TechnoGym machines, elliptical trainers, yoga mats and even fresh fruit in case you get a craving for an apple in the middle of a workout.

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