The Top Five World's Most Bizarre Traditions

It takes all sorts of individuals to make a world. Therefore it should come as no surprise that from all these unique individuals, some of the world's most bizarre traditions emerge and become a great curiosity to tourists that happen upon them. We have rounded up the top 5 most bizarre traditions that might be of interest to you.

Five Strange Traditions

The first of the world's most bizarre traditions we have uncovered is a weird marriage tradition by the Latoka tribe in Sudan. When a man spots a potential wife he then proceeds to kidnap her and while she is held captive he then approaches the girls father to ask for her hand in marriage.

Another bizarre tradition is to be found in Caracas in Venezuela where at Christmas time, the locals all travel to Christmas mass only on roller blades. When children go to sleep during the festive period, they tie a long piece of string to their big toe and dangle it out the window. As the locals roller blade to mass the next morning, any piece of string seen hanging out a window is tugged on so the kids don't sleep through mass.

In Kyoto in Japan you can stumble upon a real Geisha while walking the streets of this historic city. Geishas have been around for centuries and their prime purpose was to provide entertainment to the upper classes both in entertainment venues and in rich homes. You can still see Geishas in Kyoto today, though not as many as in previous centuries, where they live in districts called hanamachi. The Geisha study caligraphy, games, dance and singing so that they can provide a variety of entertainment.

In Indonesia, there is a remote group called the Dani who have a very bizarre and unique tradition. When a member of the family dies in their tribe, the women in the deceased member's family must cut of a bit of their finger in order to experience the loss on a physical level. This strange tradition is still practiced by a small number of the tribe today.

One Wackier than the Next

Finally, just outside Valencia in Spain, a festival known as La Tomatina where thousands of tomatoes are thrown onto the streets. The strange tomato festival has been a tradition in the area for over 70 years now and includes dancing, food fights and a parade. These are just five of the world's most bizarre traditions and there are plenty more wacky traditions to be discovered.

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