World’s best cities for business

There are numerous cities around the world that seem to be growing and flourishing dramatically in the business sector and consequently these cities tend to thrive as a whole. Opportunity is available wherever one looks and people seem to be innovating and developing unique ideas all the time. Let's take a closer look at 4 of the world’s best cities for business.

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San Francisco is at the heart of almost everything tech related so as you can imagine a lot of business takes place here. The nearby Silicon Valley is well renowned for innovation, creativity and development and people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and the late Steve Jobs all developed their billion dollar ideas here. There is a strong support network and funding opportunities aplenty making this an ideal place to be if you are working on a business plan.

Tel Aviv in Israel has one of the highest density of tech startups. They look at the smaller tech-driven markets and currently have over 700 early stage startups and around 5,000 overall startups throughout the city. It is an extremely innovative place that should not be overlooked. An example of one of the startups coming from here is called Wibbitz which converts text articles into interactive video summaries.

Phoenix in Arizona is quickly growing in the sectors of construction, aerospace and high tech industries. It is ranked as the 8th fastest growing city in the world according to Forbes and is currently the 6th largest city in the States. With all the universities close by, a great outdoors scene and a rich culture, all the signs point to this city continuing to grow and support more and more business.

London is also at the top of the list of best business cities. With the expansive air connectivity it is easy to access and trade in. There is a huge amount of companies based here along with a vast amount of research and development which tends to attract plenty of creative people. Unfortunately there are massive taxes and regulations compared to other regions in the world that need to be dealt with for anybody doing business here.

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