World's best artificial beaches

While for beach lovers there is nothing better than relaxing on a natural beach with the ocean stretching out in front of you, this sometimes is just not possible, especially for cities or inland countries. Thankfully there are some amazing man-made artificial beaches though that are accessible in untypical places.


Streets Beach

Streets Beach in Brisbane, Australia is near the Brisbane River and the central business district in the middle of the city. Every year the 2,000 square metres are topped up with 70 tons of sand to keep everything in pristine condition. The clean lagoon recirculates fresh chlorinated water every 6 hours making it the perfect place to go swimming in. There aren’t any waves or rips, but if you do get into trouble, the beach is patrolled by lifeguards every day of the week.


Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island in Singapore stretches for 3.2 km and is 30 metres wide. It includes 3 white sandy beaches, the Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach, with sand imported from Indonesia and Malaysia. Every year this island receives over 20 million guests where they can enjoy beach volleyball, kayaking, wave riding, and much more.


Artificial Beach

Artificial Beach in Male, Maldives is another hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Because it is open to the public, make sure to leave the bikinis and any revealing swimwear back at the hotel. This place not only has the great beach, but there are often carnivals, parades and music shows that can be enjoyed here.


Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Beach in Monte Carlo, Monaco is Monaco’s only public beach which was added to the pre-existing seafront. While the sand isn’t as white and sandy as the previous beaches, there is a great choice of restaurants and cafes nearby. Because beaches are so hard to come by, this place is often packed in the summer and it is recommended that visitors check it out during the spring or autumn when it is quieter.


Tropical Island Resort

Last but certainly not least is the famous Tropical Islands Resort in Krausnick, Germany. In 2004 this former soviet military airship hangar opened its doors and welcomed families to a summer wonderland. This hangar holds various beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, bars, and other hidden gems throughout. So while it may be snowing outside, once you step inside here you will forget about the chill as your feet will quickly warm up with the underfloor heating system.


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