World-Class Entertainment on your Los Angeles Holiday

Catch the latest Hollywood buzz and walk among the rich and famous. These are just two of the things to do on a Los Angeles holiday. But although Los Angeles is widely known as the home of Hollywood, it offers a lot more than just glitter and glamour. Experience its diverse tourist attractions — shopping centres, parks, and entertainment hubs.

Stroll through the Third Street Promenade, a pedestrian street in Santa Monica that’s brimming with shops and fine restaurants. Score fashion finds in stores such as Gap and Armani Exchange, or browse through an extensive collection of books in Barnes & Noble. Enjoy a cup of coffee in Starbucks Hear Music Coffeehouse and watch Hollywood flicks at the Mann Theatres, AMC Theatres, or Loews Theatres.

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“Welcome the magic” with the kids at Disneyland, the original theme park. Built way back in the 1950s, it continues to attract visitors from all over the world with its thrilling rides and attractions. Go on a pirate adventure on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, or hop on a log to wind your way up to the top of Splash Mountain, and then hang on tight for the breathtaking drop.

Head to the beach and discover the exceptional allure of LA beaches. Manhattan Beach, the birthplace of beach volleyball, offers chic cottages, boutiques, and standard facilities such as restrooms, shower rooms, and nearby restaurants. Go surfing, go fishing, or go biking. There’s an aquarium at the pier, and beautiful sights to enjoy all around.

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