World Cup Woes

On the other hand, sending your man to South Africa for a month of football ecstasy from which he will never return might just be what you need for 2010.....And it's quite possible.

Apparently there’s a marauding baboon scare of increasingly aggressive monkeys in search of snacks out there, you see. The light-fingered primates have learned how to open car doors and jump through windows in pursuit of sandwiches and snacks, with experts warning that the hundreds of thousands of fans expected in 2010 will represent rich pickings for the hairy muggers.

And just so you know what his last movement’s were, it looks like this – 3 games in Rustenburg, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town against Algeria, Slovenia and the USA.

Now, if it were any other team say, like Brazil, Germany or Italy you might have had the chance to track your man through the quarter finals at Cape town Stadium or the finals at Soccer City Johannesburg, but since it’s the England soccer team, then he’ll be monkey fodder by the first of July!

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