World cruise options

We live in a big world with lots of beautiful places to see and interesting people to meet. Many people dream about swimming in the aqua waters of Bora Bora, or chilling out on sun-soaked beaches in Hawaii, or tucking into some street stall noodles in Bangkok. But most of us don’t ever get round to it. A world cruise is a great way to see as much as possible, and P&O cruises have many different world cruise options available.

Cruises do seem pricey when you first look at the costs, but when you break it up it generally isn’t too bad. To go across the globe from Southampton and back stopping off in South America, North America, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, UAE, Egypt and many other places over 106 days will cost £10,000. When you break this up it is less than £100 a day for accommodation, food, entertainment and travel. An average day on holiday in Europe would cost about that on accommodation alone.

P&O cruises have many world cruise options available ranging from 32 night cruises stopping in nine countries to 112 nights that stop in 27 countries.

Some people might worry that they will be bored on the cruise when there are long periods at sea, but there is always much to do on board. If you enjoy sport or exercising, relaxing in a swimming pool, watching football with a pint, getting a make-over, spa days or shopping, you will be well catered for.

If you are unsure about going on a world cruise why not try a shorter cruise first to see how you like it? P&O offer cruises from as short as two days so you could always find a cruise to suit your preferences.

Cruises often get a bad rap, but many people love them. While some hate the long days at sea, others return year on year. Cruising is a unique experience and we recommend that you don’t go straight out on your first time and book a big world cruise. A shorter cruise will let you "test the waters". P&O have many short options and world cruise options available, so you're sure to find something you like.

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