Tracking down the world’s best breakfasts

When it comes to traditional breakfasts, the UK certainly doesn’t have the healthiest dishes compared to other countries around the world. But while the Full English and Ulster Fry may not be the healthiest options, they're still very popular and (in our opinion!) very tasty! Could there be even tastier breakfasts further afield? Here we have a look at the world’s best breakfasts...

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but with getting up, getting ready and getting the kids ready for school, most of us are lucky if we can fit in a slice of toast or a cereal bar on our way out the door. Not many people have the luxury of spending time making a banquet in the morning, but if you set aside a little time to make a good breakfast, you'll be giving yourself the best possible start to the day.

You will find one of the world’s best breakfasts in Japan. Tofu fish and rice dipped in soy sauce makes for a tasty meal. It isn’t too heavy and gives you the energy to keep going until lunch.

The Americans know how to do breakfast: pancakes soaked in syrup, blueberries and bacon. It isn’t the healthiest choice, but it is up there with the best in terms of tastiness!

Cubans usually go for toast cut into lengths with sweetened coffee, and dunk their soldiers into coffee instead of eggs.

A Hawaiian breakfast is traditionally very high in fruit.

Croissants are huge in France, and in Australia, almost anything smothered in Vegemite can be breakfast.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring or a chore to fit in - get in the habit of making breakfast and try and stick with it (just don’t have a fry everyday!).

The NHS have published five breakfasts that people should aim to eat regularly. They are full of important vitamins and minerals that you would miss out on if you skipped breakfast. You might not put them down as the world’s best breakfasts, but they certainly are healthy.

They recommend porridge made from semi skimmed milk and dried fruit, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on a wholegrain bagel, wholegrain cereal with semi skimmed milk, a boiled egg with wholemeal toast and muesli,fruit and yoghurt.

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