How to Arrange for Working Holidays in Scotland

Working holidays in Scotland are offered either by tour providers specializing in working holidays or Scotland-based establishments that offer working holidays on the side.

Taking the Tour Provider Route

An example of this would be livein-jobs.co.uk, which offers a wide range of job opportunities for backpackers. The great thing about choosing this option is that your tour provider will give you a wider selection of jobs to choose from. If one particular occupation does not suit your abilities or preferences, then you can simply go back to your tour provider and ask for a change. Another benefit is that tour providers often take care of all your legal needs to have a working holiday visa.

The downside, of course, is that you will have to pay the tour provider for services. Even if it is not explicitly detailed in your service agreement, it is guaranteed that they will be earning from your job placement one way or another.

Taking the Direct Route to Employment for Working Holidays

There are not a lot of Scotland-based establishments that offer working holiday services, but if you do chance on one, consider yourself lucky! Processing is usually quicker since you are speaking directly to your future employer. You will also be able to negotiate the terms of your employment – something you are not always allowed to do with the other option.

At higlandaccommodation.co.uk, for example, they offer contact details about working holidays in Scotland for equestrians or horse lovers. You will be working specifically for the Aberdeenshire Equestrian Centre if you are selected.

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