Something Different - Working Farm Holidays in Scotland!

Have you ever wanted to try something completely different?  Here is your chance - by trying working farm holidays in Scotland.  You can sign up with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) UK to receive a list of available farms that participate with this project.

WWOOF UK is a membership charity which teaches people all about how organic farmers operate on a daily basis.  There are many reasons to work on an organic farm in Scotland.  You can reconnect with the soil that people nowadays have become so distant from.  You can learn how to make great tasting, natural and fresh produce.  You willl also stay with a highly motivated farming family that will both inspire and help you during your time on the farm.

Once you sign up, WWOOF UK will provide you with a list of organic farms in Scotland that all offer food and accommodation in exchange for practical help on their farm.  The duration of your stay must be determinied with the farmer you choose before you arrive on the farm and the desired length of stay varies with each farmer.

To sign up with WWOOF UK and get access to a list of working farm holidays in Scotland you must pay a £20 single membership fee.  Then it is up to you to browse the list of participating farms and choose one.  You then get in touch with the farmer and arrange a time of year to volunteer and also put a length on the period of time you will help out.  This length of time can be as short as a few days up to a couple of weeks.

Visit www.wwoof.org.uk for further information and to sign up.

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