Work up a sweat between the sheets on holiday this year.

Many people don't realise that humidity can have lots of benefits... There's nothing like a hot, sticky climate to make you well, hot and sticky - under the collar!

If grey skies and bus strikes don't float your boat then pack lightly - toothbrush and bedroom toys of your choice - and get somewhere hot.

At the Casa Palopo, Guatemala, you'll be surrounded by Frida Kahlo-esque art, which translates to lots of tanned flesh and lingering come-to-bed gazes. After a short drive from Antigua - or by helicopter if you're well-heeled - there are ten rooms to choose from all with wrought iron furniture and private lake-view terraces for scenic evenings à deux. Take a look at casapalopo.com.

Or if a bit of rough and tumble, 'Sexy Beast' style is more to your refined tastes then it's got to be the tack of the Florida Keys.

Think big hair and leopardskin Speedos - which now come in a padded-up-front wonder version so you can swagger proudly down the beach - just be careful not to take anyone's eye out with that thing!

For jacuzzi, pool and steamy afternoons check out Casa Morada on the Florida Keys at casamorada.com.

Just be sure and cover all your parts with suncream - ouch!

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