Wondering what to do with the kids this summer?

If the kids are crazy about theme parks but you’ve done most of the UK ones and Disneyland Paris to boot, why not take the DFDS Seaways ferry from Dover to Dunkirk? The Plopsaland theme park (www.plopsa.be/en) on the Belgian coast at De Panne is less than half an hour’s drive away. Plopsaland has more than 40 attractions, and the main themed areas are the Castle Zone, Dragon Zone and the World of Gnomes, reports the Daily Mail. Entry costs €26.

And the understated but very impressive Parc Asterix (www.parcasterix.fr/en) is just over two hours from the same port. Meet the characters from the famous French comic books by Rene Goscinni and Albert Uderzo. The site is set in beautiful parkland about 20 miles north of Paris and has a hotel and various restaurants. The park has 27 rides in seven adventure areas that will delight all ages.

DFDS Seaways (formerly Norfolkline) runs sailings every two hours at peak times and there are some great deals up for grabs at the moment, with prices for a car and up to four people on the Dover-France route currently starting at £25 each way. Visit www.norfolkline.com for more information.

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