Woburn Safari Park: Things to do and see

Are you thinking about heading to Woburn Safari Park but don't know all there is to do there? There is a range of activities that you and your family can enjoy there including everything from educational talks and a 3D cinema to zip lining and of course safaris. Here is a glimpse of the different adventures that you can have at this park.

    Francesca Cesa Bianchi - Wikimedia

For those that want to see wild animals from the safety of a vehicle, the road safari is for you. A ride in a jeep will give you a taste of the type of animals found in the Northern Plains and then lead you to the expanding Savannah Grasslands. If that is not enough to sate your appetite for animals you will also be driven through the Kingdom of the Carnivores, Giraffe Junction and end with the wild African Jungle.

The other type of safari you can take is the foot safari should the road safari not appeal. It is a great way to get closer to the animals while getting in a bit of exercise. Some of the many places this takes you are through the Land of Lemurs, Sea Lion Beach and Cove, cool Penguin World and an Australian Walkabout.

Another activity to check out at Woburn Safari Park is the Tree Top Adventure. This is a 2-3 hour adventure that gets you swinging like Tarzan, zip lining through the trees and clinging on for dear life along the rope bridges. It is a sure way to get the adrenaline flowing while also offering some amazing views. You must be over 10 years old, over the minimum height of 1.4m (4'7") and under the maximum weight of 20.5 stones (130kg). The Tree Top Adventure should be booked in advanced and can be done separately from the Safari Park.

While the older kids are out swinging on trees, the high ropes course called the Treetops Action Trail is a great alternative for younger kids aged between 5 and 12. Other leisure attractions for the younger ones include the outdoor play areas for Under 5s which boasts climbing frames, climbing towers, tiny tot safari trails and an inflatable paradise. Swan Boats on Swan Lake, which are included free with the ticket prices, are a great option to relax while the Great Woburn Railway that goes through Deer paddock.

There are also various VIP experiences that can be availed of. The Desert Springs Encounter will allow you to get your facts straight on meerkats on a 30 minute tour and you even get an amazing chance to feed them. Another option is the Big Cat Breakfast where you take part in a 1 hour tour that takes you through the Kingdom of Carnivores and the Lion House. There are many other VIP options available as well and it all depends on what you are looking for on your visit to Woburn Safari Park.

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