Book your winter sun villa holidays early

Winter sun villa holidays! Even thinking about them gives one a warm feeling and the reality of winter sun villa holidays has to be experienced to be believed. There is a lot to be said for leaving our cold climes for a sun holiday in the middle of winter and where better to stay than in a villa. Think about what you will save on heating costs at home. The saving could go a long way to covering the cost of villa rental.

Another advantage of winter sun villa holidays is that the rent is not as expensive as in summer time which is classed as high season everywhere. Also one will avoid colds and flu by taking off to the sunshine thus saving on doctor's bills and pharmacy bills.

Popular winter sun villa holidays destinations are Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Portugal, and the Costa del Sol. Further afield there is Florida, situated on the Gulf of Mexico, a great choice for winter sun villa holidays.

Flights are cheaper in winter also to the above destinations. Lastminute.com and cheapflights.co.uk are very good websites to check when booking flights. They often have great deals on flights.

Villas for rent are easy to find especially in winter time when the demand is not nearly as high as in the summer time. Long term rental is an option. The holiday maker could get six weeks rental for the same price as a two week rental in high season.

When everything is weighed up, it actually makes great sense to go on winter sun villa holidays rather than summer sun villa holidays


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