Winter lovin' to keep your parts warm!

It's America without the Americans, and France without the French, it must be Quebec City, Canada where they pour maple syrup on everything - and that means everything!

Being the cradle of French culture in North America, there's nothing much you can teach the locals about good living. Encompassing a Little Italy, a Latin Quarter, a Chinatown and a gay village, Quebec's charming streets offer a home from home to just about everybody, never more than during the world's biggest winter carnival, but you should be too busy with the Maple Syrup to be watching carnivals.

For something closer to home try Wroclaw, Poland where it's cold enough to justify staying in bed for the weekend.

But if you do need to get out and stretch your legs then evening is the time to be on the street, dipping into the buzzy café culture, and lingering over the day's choice from the burgeoning dining scene. By day, hire a car and take your pick from the embarrassment of romantic palaces and castles within an hour of town.

Exciting Poland has two nights B&B with a five-hour city tour from £124pp, excluding flights.

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