Check out these winter holiday villas to rent

Whether you want to curl up in front of the fire this winter, or cook burgers out on the barbeque, a holiday villa is a great option for a top winter break. With added privacy, heaps of character, these winter holiday villas to rent for 2011 offer tons of space and comfort. Here's a selection of some interesting overseas to rent this year.

If you would like to escape the cold this Christmas, then where better to rent a holiday villa than the seductive islands of Greece? The island of Patmos has plenty of great villas to rent, and website Holiday Rentals offers the beautiful Dora and Giannis. This villa sits on a hillside overlooking the sea, and inside its whitewashed walls are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. A spacious outdoor terrace and views towards nearby villages make this a stunning villa for the winter. This property is available for rent for only £80 per night in the winter.

Holiday Rentals can also offer you cozy cottages in the winter wonderland of Sweden. Surrounded by pine trees and isolated lakes, the Lidingo villa is only 10 minutes boat ride from cosmopolitan Stockholm. This wooden holiday home has 5 bedrooms and sleeps up to 9 people. The property boasts acres of wild land, an outdoor terrace and on site sauna for that authentic Swedish experience. It can be rented in winter for only £2380 per week.

For somewhere a little warmer, the Canary Islands offers plenty of winter holiday villas. The Frontline Penthouse in South Tenerife is a modern villa perched high above the sea featuring exposed stonework. The villa comes with 3 bedrooms and sleeps up to 7 people. Renting this property will set you back £524 for a week, making it an affordable option for large groups. That's our finest selection of winter holiday villas to rent.

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