Wine tasting in northern Italy

If you find yourself awash with culture from the spectacular city of Venice, a forty-minute drive north will take you to the sloping Treviagna hills where you can experience a different kind of history. Home to the lush vineyards where the prosecco grape is grown, wine producers have been making fine wine since the 17th century, reports The Guardian.

Prosecco is a term which refers to the type of grape used to make the crisp sparkling white wine of the same name that the cognoscenti know and love. The Conegliano-Valdobbia district is a certified production area (DOC) and is a haven of quiet hamlets, ‘bellavistas’ and picturesque farmhouse accommodation where you can combine wine tasting with total relaxation.

But not only the wine will impress. The area is a veritable ‘foodies’ paradise. Vineyard accommodation invariably offers delicious lunchtime specials with prices under 15€, or there are excellent ‘Trattorie’ along the way where you can savour the famous Veneto cuisine such as ‘risi e bisi’ (risotto with peas), wild boar and divine ‘tiramisu’.

And with prices at around 5€ a bottle, after choosing your favourite wine you might not want to spend your customs allowance on anything else: except perhaps for another renowned drink from the area, the dessert wine Refrontolo Passito, praised by Mozart.

Fly Easy Jet to Venice or Ryan Air to Treviso.

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