Wine and Dine at the Belfast Food and Drink Festival 2008

Thinking of taking a Belfast holiday during the month of September? Prepare your taste buds and your stomach for a feast because it’s time for the Belfast Food and Drink Festival, the annual month-long celebration of hearty Irish food. Celebrate the gastronomic delights of Northern Ireland and the rest of the world, and indulge in various food treats in these mouth-watering events.

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“Something Fishy” happens on September 6 in St. George’s Market, where fishmonger Alan Coffey demonstrates everything you’ll want to know about cooking and serving fish. On September 13, baker Yvonne Fisher wows the crowd with her famous American cookies, followed by coffee expert Robert Bell’s lessons in preparing the perfect cuppa. Don’t miss Scottish chef Nick Nairn and Irish chef Paul Rankin's square-off against each other on September 20 in “Market Fusion,” a celebrity cook-off using on-site ingredients. Cheese expert Trevor Irvine also divulges the cheesy secrets of how to enjoy cheese in “Cheese Etc.” on September 27.

Are you a free food junkie? Catch food and wine tasting events at venues such as La Boca, at the restaurants along James Street South and at Merchant and Malmaison hotels. If you would like to sample unique dishes, head over to the finest restaurants and bars in Belfast, and try the special menus they offer at bargain prices during the week.

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