Will you be drinking or driving in Dublin this Week?

While Dublin is most definitely a lot of fun, a good time town full of interesting ‘characters’ and all served with a healthy dollop of culture, it can get a bit small at times. And there is no time that Dublin feels smaller than during the Mid-March week around Paddy's Day when the smell of sweating Americans and vomiting Irish can get a bit much.

So this is why it is prime time to opt for the Car Rental option and skip town. The Irish rail service is a complete rip-off whereas the buses aren’t too expensive, but don’t go everywhere. So the only way to get to the really out-of-the-way places, is by car (or horse if you happen to have one handy.)

Save yourself the hassle of the airport rentals – extra cash and a hassle to drop back. Head straight into the city centre, and spend your few days there before renting – having a car while in the city centre of Dublin is a headache – you’ll be quicker getting everywhere by foot – or a horse, if you happen to have one!

Then, when you’re ready to leave town, head out to Enterprise rent-a-car – there are a number of outlets – who are by far the cheapest in Dublin and the best service, with drop-off options in county Cork free of charge.


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