Wild Nights in Boracay

Boracay’s turquoise and deep blue waters matched with talcum-fine, white sand are more than enough to lure tourists from all over the world. But this Philippine island’s unrivalled natural beauty isn’t the only one to credit for its tremendous popularity. Bora’s nightlife reverberates with a sexy, magnetic energy, drawing thousands of party animals to shed inhibitions for a night or two and mingle with friends and strangers—all against an amazing beach backdrop.

“What happens in Boracay stays in Boracay” is the usual credo of the island’s holidaymakers. Although the mantra is borrowed from Las Vegas, Boracay’s wild parties don’t involve casinos, flamboyant costumes, and five-minute weddings. The main party ingredients instead are loud music, intoxicating drinks, and skimpy beach outfits.

Among the island’s hotspots is Cocomangas Shooter Bar. Here, the “Still Standing” tradition dating back to 1987 steals the spotlight from tipsy chatters. This custom requires the backbone (and a resistant liver) to gulp down 15 notorious shooters (alcoholic concoctions). People left standing after gobbling up the shots get their names posted up in Boracay’s Wall of Fame; they get a free shirt, too!

For those who prefer to show off their dancing skills, Pier One is the destination. When the sun sets, this popular dining place transforms into a vibrant disco, belting out hiphop and techno music. The large dance floor attracts the young crowd, as do the well-stocked bar, billiard tables, and comfortable pillow-chairs.

Summer Place sizzles with its open-air, ultimate party atmosphere. Pull an all-nighter and dance on the beach under the moonlight. When the drinks start to kick in, you may even end up dancing on tables!

If “party by the beach” means live bands to you, head to Bom-Bom, an island-style bar with live performances on weekends. Fridays Resort is a nice alternative too, offering ethnic and cultural shows every Friday night.

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