Try Something New With Wigwam Holidays Scotland

Scotland is a great destination for nature lovers and for this reason, many people choose to get camping-style accommodation for their escapes. A wigwam is a well-made wooden cabin that can accommodate up to five people. This type of accommodation is similar to camping, but it offers much more comfort. Wigwams are equipped with foam mattresses and electricity and you will also get a kettle and fridge to use. Generally, wigwams have outdoor areas for cooking as well as fire-baskets.

At eastgrange.co.uk, you can book your wigwam holidays Scotland in Kinloss. The price for a night is £25 per person and children under three pay no fee. If you want to bring your dog, you need to make a prior arrangement and pay £5 per night. Some of the activities you can try in the area are Quad Bike Hire, Dirt Kart Hire, Combat Laser Tag, archery and trout fishing. The wigwams are close to the Loft Bistro, where you can enjoy freshly prepared seafood and traditional Scottish meals.

Another website where you canbook wigwam holidays in Scotland is wigwamholidays.com. Here you can choose from a variety of locations in Scotland. For instance, you can get reserve your break at the Newmill Farm Wigwams, that are located on the site of 300 acres farm. The River Tay is right next to the farm and its banks offer a good place to go for a stroll. Facilities include a toilet and shower block, a covered eating area and hot and cold water. This is a great location for those who love outdoor living!

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