Introducing great wigwam holidays in Scotland

Why Scotland is the perfect location for wigwam holidays

Wigwam holidays in Scotland have become the latest trend for bringing you even closer to Scotland’s remarkable wildlife and scenery.  With all the self-catering amenities of log cabins and offering far more protection from the elements than tents, wigwams are the ultimate form of eco-friendly camping.

Scotland’s picturesque Highland and Islands are perfect for wigwams. As you stoke your camp fire and prepare to cook your evening meal watching the sun set, you’ll feel at one with the landscape.

How are Scottish holiday wigwams constructed?

Unlike the Native American version, modern wigwams are actually stylishly-heated wooden structures, offering berths for up to 5 adults. The wood is cut from quality larch or douglas fir trees. The feather-edged boards are then treated to provide an extremely durable cover. Wigwams are double-glazed and lockable. The sites have toilets and showers.

Where can I book a wigwam holiday in Scotland?

Wigwam Holidays (www.wigwamholidays.com) offer customers wigwams in over 40 locations throughout the UK. For unbeatable wigwam holidays in Scotland, you can choose locations from the Shetland Isles to Portnalong on Skye, from Greenpark in Aberdeenshire to Tantallon in East Lothian.

What are the costs of wigwam holidays in Scotland?

If the idea of getting away from conventional camping appeals to you (no more tent pitching in the rain!) then wigwam holidays are ideal, not least because they are excellent value for money. Prices start from as little as £12.50 per person per night.

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