Why walk...when you can drive?

There is a lot to be said for discovering a place by foot and getting lost over and over again. But now picture the few days break again largely taken up by getting lost, getting sore feet and nursing the biggest blisters you've ever seen...if you're only jetting off somewhere for a mini-break, why not get the most out of your trip and pack in as much touring, sight-seeing and travelling as you can by hiring a car? It's the hassle-free way to get the most out of your stay and have a truly enriching and full experience.

No matter where you are planning on going, hiring a car for the duration of your stay there is a wise move. Whether you're embarking on a sleek city break or a more rustic and rural vacation in the countryside, a car is the only accessory you need to make everything and everywhere accessible to you.

Short city breaks can be filled with a day of travelling further afield to the countryside, beach, mountains or neighbouring districts with the luxury of having a car to travel in. A day touring less-travelled roads is all the difference you need to make your mini-break seem like a long holiday. There is also something more romantic and special about getting off the beaten track.

And for longer holidays, a car is pretty much a necessity. It allows you to escape to - or from - civilisation at a moment's notice and even travel around a country (or two)!

So wherever you're heading for...don't forget to book the car hire. Rates are more reasonable than ever. Avis and Hertz are some of the best and operate on a global scale to make things easy for you. Book yours today!

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