Why go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city?

If you’ve done the must-stop visits across the pond, had a flutter in Vegas, meandered around Miami and embraced New York’s Empire State Building, you might like to consider searching for a cheap flight to Chicago and heading north to Milwaukee. Its name comes from a native Indian word that means ‘Good Land’ and the town was born in 1822 when three villages joined together. So what’s ‘good’ these days about Milwaukee?

Apart from its privileged position on the western shore of Lake Michigan and its pleasant summer temperatures which don’t go above 27ºC, the city’s river is a fabulous focal hub for cafés, smart buildings and leisure activities. Events are held by the lake nearly every weekend too.

Watch out for the 11-day Summerfest, which is advertised as the largest music festival in the world! This year’s blast takes place from the 29th of June-the 10th of July (closed 4th). There’s also a German festival in July and an Oktoberfest in September, reflecting the marked influence of German culture on the town’s customs and lifestyle.

A large community of Germans fleeing the 1848 revolution was established in the 19th century, the escapees bringing with them their secret beer formula, which explains why the city was the world’s beer capital for decades. Visit the Miller, Lakefront and Sprecher brewing companies which all offer tours and tasting opportunities!

Elvis fans, and of course bikers, will love to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum and plant. The former, in the south of the city, contains hundreds of bikes popular through the ages, including Elvis Presley’s bike. If you visit the plant, be sure to sign up for a visit first allowing you to assemble a vintage motorbike.

And don’t forget that Frank Lloyd Wright was one of Wisconsin’s children. Visit the permanent exhibition on the famous architect at the city’s Museum of Modern Art, designed by another famous architect, Santiago Calatrava.

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