Why go to Bulgaria?

If you’re looking for a new place to go this spring, why not head for Bulgaria? It’s a country which has so far escaped the tourist crush and offers great scenery; not only virgin beaches but mystical mountains, green forests and lovely lakes too.

It’s also a country which is keen to maintain its traditions, especially its folk music, so if you fancy something refreshingly ‘un-trendy’, and consequently cool, make a song and a dance of it and catch virtuoso performances at the Sofia International Festival this weekend (28th of May-1st of June).

You can also visit the early Byzantine Church of St Sophia and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (pictured), which boasts enormous gold-leaf murals. Outside the Cathedral there’s a craft market selling artwork and pottery, where you can pick up a few gifts. A must-visit site is the 10th century Boyana Church, which is a UNESCO world heritage site and the city also houses a number of museums and galleries. And don’t forget to visit a mehani, a traditional Bulgarian tavern!

Easy Jet (www.easyJet.com) flies to Sofia from London Gatwick and Manchester and British Airways from London Heathrow. Alternatively visit comparison flight website, www.cheapflights.uk where you will find flights from £79 return if you’re flexible with dates.

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