Why do people hate Low Cost Airlines

Low cost airlines are great in terms of price, but there are many reason why people hate low cost airlines. Here are just a few of the things that frustrate travellers who book and fly with budget airlines.

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No Frills

These airlines are often called no-frills and that is exactly what they mean. As soon as you board the aircraft you will see that there are no luxuries whatsoever. The seats are cramped together leaving little wiggle room for the legs and the luggage is squished to the max in the overhead compartments.

Don’t expect any food unless you want to pay for it. If you are dehydrated or hungry you will need to hand over cold hard cash or just wait it out. There are no freebies with these low cost airlines but they will constantly try and sell you things while in-flight.



Flights usually leave at odd times during the morning and evening making it more difficult to sort out transportation once you arrive at your destination. The airports they fly into often are in a smaller neighboring city, rarely the major hubs. This adds expenses as travellers then need to find ways and pay for transportation to their destination.

If you pay for a more expensive flight you will often get a quicker check-in, more friendly staff members, a quicker security screening and access to the airlines lounge if you have an elite status. But if you are looking for the cheapest way to get from one destination to the other, these low cost airlines are the way to go even if they are inconvenient and uncomfortable.

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