Why are people heading for Hanover?

Hanover, Lower Saxony’s capital city, was one of the hardest hit cities during World War II, leaving it with only a few historical landmarks, but it has come back fighting; architecturally speaking! It now has an attractive reconstructed Old Town, some late-19th-century residential areas, large parks and gardens, a Royal Palace and an impressive massive lake at the southern edge of town.

Lake Maschsee is a favourite spot for a little R&R, where you can yacht and canoe just minutes from the city centre. It's ringed with restaurants, beer gardens and even a casino and gets busy in summer, especially when the Maschsee Lake Festival takes place.

This year, from the 27th of July until the 14th of August, some 2 million visitors can enjoy concerts, art and culinary events in spectacular surroundings. It’s one of Germany’s largest open air parties, with plenty of local tipple, ‘Lüttje Lage’, flowing.

Why not join in the fun this summer? Air Berlin (www.airberlin.com) flies to Hanover from London Gatwick for under €150 in July and also has flights from London City and Manchester. Flybe (www.flybe.com)flies to Hanover from Southampton. There's no excuse not to go!

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