Why airport food is so expensive

Travelling is a great opportunity to spread your wings and step away from the normal routine of life. But there is no better way to take the wind out of your sail than by paying £3 for a croissant when you are waiting for your flight. Why exactly is airport food so expensive anyways?

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Let us first look at a few reasons that support higher prices at the airport. First, like any retailer there is rent to be paid. With the huge amount of foot traffic, low competition and high demand, the limited retail space in airports come at a very high price. Unfortunately it is customers that get hit hardest to help airport businesses cover their costs.

These places are open longer hours and often need to increase their staff if there are a large amount of flights that are grounded. The retailer also needs to pay the airport for employee parking which comes at a price. There are more logistics that need to be considered when transporting supplies to an airport. Due to safety considerations, items need to be cleared through security and this can often involve many late night deliveries which add up.

Then there are the more unreasonable reasons. Retailers charge higher prices than street prices because they simply can. While there are a few airports that do have a policy requiring retailers have similar prices to the ones in town, many airports do not adhere to it. They know travellers will get bored or hungry and have very limited food options once through the security gates. With airlines cutting back on meals and snacks, the demand during layovers continually increases.

A few solutions to avoid paying these outrageous prices might be to bring your own water bottle and fill it up once you are through security. Pack your own food so long as it is not a liquid or gel such as pudding or jelly. If you did not pack any food with you, try and stick to the basics when ordering, avoid alcohol and try not to dine at any of the main sit down restaurants as they tend to be more expensive.

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