Why fly Singapore Airlines?

If you’ve come to dread flying but vaguely remember the days when it was civilized, fun and you could relax and enjoy a hot meal and a glass of wine on board for free, prepare yourself for a blast from the past if you’re flying Singapore Airlines. In fact, be prepared to be wowed. It’s even better than you remember.

The number of awards clocked up is too long to list here, but the most recent is Best International Airline at the American 2011 Wave Awards, 5th consecutive year.

There’s a common theme to the customers rave reviews: fabulous free food and drinks on tap for the whole journey, charming and attentive service, endless entertainment with high quality recent films, plenty of leg room, and rather attractive guys and gals doing the pampering.

And apart from the dreamy service and food, there’s the added attraction of their Singapore stopover deals if you’re flying to Australia. Stay in a twin room for just £50 a night, a snip if you think the city state is one of the world’s most expensive places for hotels. Not only that, you also get half-price dinner and free admission to seven city sights. Unbelievable!

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