Why go island hopping off Sweden’s west coast?

Sweden’s west coast stretches from the northern border with Norway to Gothenburg, around 170km to the south. It’s an area of stunning scenery, watery landscapes, rocky coastline and inland forests and lakes, all the more to be appreciated at this time of year when it becomes the land of ‘the midnight sun’.

Gothenburg is now well served with flights from the UK. Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) flies there from London Stansted and Edinburgh, Easy Jet (www.easyJet.com) from London Gatwick and Manchester and British Airways (www.ba.com) began a direct flight this year from London. And with a flight time of just two hours from the UK capital, there’s no excuse not to go!

From Gothenburg, Sweden’s second town, it’s easy to access the plethora of islands that lie off the coast. Locals will tell you that the number of outcrops and islands amount to almost ten thousand, but visitors stick to the main ones which are linked to the mainland and to other islands by bridges or ferry.

The smaller car free islands are fabulous to explore by foot. Try the hiking trails in the Kosterhavet marine national park on the Koster islands where you can also go kayaking, sailing and seal spotting. Or chose from a wide selection of water activities offered on the beautiful islands of Fjallbacka by adventure specialist Nautopp (www.nautopp.se).

Visit www.westsweden.com for further details.

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