Wondering who flies to Menorca from UK?

If you are looking online to see who flies to Menorca from the UK, then look no further. For the best deals, the lowest prices and a company you can trust it has to be Thomson Holidays. The company started in 1965, so with over forty years experience and as one of the largest travel websites in the UK you know you are in safe hands. Not only this but three quarters of Thomson holidays are exclusive to just them, including departures from 23 airports in the UK.

If you are looking for a last minute flight this summer, Thomson holidays flies to Menorca from the UK several times a day, so your bound to find a departure date and time that suits you. Take, for example, a flight departing London on Monday 29th August at 6am to Menorca, for two adults staying 14 nights, the price comes in at just under £128. That's just £64 per person, returning on Monday 12th September at 10.15am.

If however you are looking for something a little further into the future, Thomson holidays flies to Menorca from the UK all year round. So if you want to get away this midterm break, you can depart from Gatwick airport on Saturday 15th October, for two weeks from just £123 per adult.

So before you start searching hundreds of sites to see who flies to Menorca from the UK with the lowest price, jump online to flights.thomson.co.uk and save yourself time and hassle.

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