Which language do they speak in Brazil?

If you are thinking of heading to South America and are planning to stop off in Brazil then you may need to do some more language studying than you had initially planned. But wait a minute, which language do they speak in Brazil, isn't it Spanish? Well actually, no, and here's why.

    Agência Brasil - Wikimedia

Brazilians primarily speak Portuguese with 99% of the population using Portuguese as their first language. Uniquely enough too, for such a big country, there is not a huge variation on accents and dialects like you would find in most other countries

If you want to know why Brazilians do not speak Spanish like the rest of their South American counterparts then we have to go back in time. Back in the day, Spanish and Portuguese fleets were exploring the New World and they both happened upon South America around the same time. Portugal landed in modern day Brazil while the Spanish landed further south.

The two nations then came to an agreement to split the continent in two with Portugal taking the East and Spain taking the West. Brazil accounts for about 50% of the population in South America as well as 50% of land mass meaning that just as many people on the continent speak Portuguese as Spanish which is how both European countries would have wanted it when they signed the agreement.

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