Where to wander off the tourist track in Prague.

The Czech Republic’s capital Prague, attracts more than four million tourists a year, and it’s not hard to see why. Known as the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’, its old town is a sight for sore eyes, with stunning must-visits such as Prague Castle, the Old Town Square with its medieval astronomical clock, Charles Bridge and more.

But it is also a city of modern marvels that are often missed by all but the trendiest tourists who have trawled the web before departure. Let us help you save time.

Modern art venues in Prague are top-notch. For exhibitions, head for the Meet Factory (www.meetfactory.cz) housed in a former industrial building, which doubles as a concert hall, while you’ll find unusual architecture at the curved Dancing House building. The top floor is home to an excellent French restaurant, the Celeste (www.celesterestaurant.cz)

If you’d like to take some chic Czech designer items back with you, try Qubus Studio (www.qubus.cz) or for something truly unique and quirky, Naoko (www.naoko.cz).

Finally, it’s de rigueur to experience Prague’s amazing über cool nightlife, so after dinner at one of the trendy restaurants in the Jewish quarter, head for the Cross Club (www.crossclub.cz) for alternative music with hip DJs.

Easy Jet (www.easyJet.com) flies to Prague from Bristol and London’s Gatwick and Stansted airports, with return flights for just under £100, and northerners can fly cheaply with Jet 2 and BMI Baby from Manchester.

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